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Jamie Dornan Returns as Christian Grey (With the Silk Tie!) nike air max 2011 for Fifty Shades of Grey Reshoots

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Jamie Dornan hasn't hung up his boots silk tie just yet.

The hunky Hollywood actor returned as Christian Grey today when he resurfaced on the Vancouver set of to do some reshoots for the highly anticipated film, which will hit theaters in February, and, of course, he looked absolutely drool-worthy in a very memorable outfit.

A clean shaven Dornan looked extremely dapper in a—what else?—gray suit with a silver silk tie that fans of the book can only guess is tie Christian uses to restrain Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) during their, um, you know.

Although we love seeing Jamie in his Christian Grey get-up, we can't help but wonder why the cast is doing reshoots in the first place? Did something go wrong?!

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Universal Pictures and Focus Features

A source tells E! News, "They are still editing. They are happy so far with the way things are going. They are shooting fillers, having to add some more material. [E.L. James] did not feel there was enough, even though she is happy with everything so far."

As for the two stars, the insider adds, "Jamie and Dakota are super relaxed and no issues as of yet on set. Everything is going good."

There was no response from the studio.

The long-awaited trailer for the racy filmwas finally releasedin July.The titillating (pun intended) clip shows Dornan as Christian Grey seducing Johnson as Anastasia Steele and introducing her to his red room nike air max 2011 of pain. The sneak peek also features an exclusive version of "Crazy in Love" byBeyoncé.

The Sam Taylor-Johnson-helmed adaptation tells the erotic story of a young college girl who gets introduced to a new and highly sexual world, thanks to a hot BDSM-loving billionaire.

Despite some NSFW scenes, the pair quickly established chemistry that is clearly evident from the film's trailer. "We got ourselves into situations that don't feel too natural and are not that easy," Dornan explained on the show. "You need to have the trust there."

You can see on the big screen on Feb. 13, 2015.

—Reporting by Michelle Falls

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